Tigers declaw lady leopards

Lady Tigers scratch by with three winning matches against the Liberty Eylau Lady Leopards on Sept. 2.


Photo by Paige Huddleston

During the varsity volleyball game against the Liberty Eylau Lady Leopards, the Lady Tigers’ clawed their way to a home victory until the last point. The Lady Tigers won the first match 25-22, the second match 25-22, and the third match was won in overtime 27-25.

“It took everyone to win. LE was talking so much trash and that really motivated us to shut them out as soon as possible,” Junior Jessica Bilimek said. “I think the team needs to work on communication. Without it, no one knows if you’re going to get the ball. Talking helps a team play so much better.”

The lead on the scoreboard volleyed between the Lady Tigers and the Lady Leopards in all three sets.

“What it took to win all three sets was hard work and dedication to the game. We had to believe so that we could achieve,” Senior Chanell Hayes said. “Without that we wouldn’t have won one match.”

Although the stands were roaring for the Lady Tigers, the team struggled to stay focused and alive when they were trailing behind the Lady Leopards.

“What we all need to improve on is not getting our heads down and also lifting each other up,” Hayes said. “When you get your head down, everything seems to go wrong, and we should always lift each other regardless if we win or lose. We aren’t only a team but also a family, and a family should always encourage each other and not put one another down.”

Despite the lack of communication and spirit, the Lady Tigers strong will to fight throughout the matches led to their success.

“The team’s greatest strength is our passion for the game,” Bilimek said. “Everyone is out there because they want to be. No one is willing to just give up. We know what we are capable of, and if we believe in ourselves, then we will be unstoppable.”

With the first district game against the Mount Pleasant Lady Tigers coming up next Friday, Hayes predicts to dominate in their district and advance into the playoffs.

“The team to beat in district is honestly ourselves. No one can beat us if we put our minds to it,” Hayes said. “I expect us to go 10-0 in district because we have the heart and desire for the game.”