Lourens siblings get along swimmingly

Two siblings divide and conquer the Tigershark swim team, while still supporting each other

They train together, they compete together and they have each other’s back. They love each other.

Typical high school siblings tend to develop their own interests, apart from each other. However, senior Calvin Lourens and his sister, freshman Courtney Lourens, are both divers for the Tigersharks. Their support for each other has been instrumental to their success in the pool.

Calvin started diving when he was a freshman, but his interest for the sport sparked when he was younger.

“I started diving because I had an interest for more extreme sports and I like a challenge,” Calvin said. “In middle school, I always messed around on the board. I just kind of liked it.”

Calvin’s dedication to the sport influenced Courtney to try diving for herself.

“Calvin brought me to one of the practices,” Courtney said. “That’s when I realized diving was really cool and I became interested in it.”

Both Calvin and Courtney have won multiple awards at meets throughout the season. While some may consider diving a stressful sport, the two encourage each other during practices and at meets to do their best.

“Having my brother on the team makes me feel secure, like when a little kid has a blanket,” Courtney said. “He’s my blanket.”

Calvin, however, views being on the team with his sister as a responsibility.

“Sometimes it’s fun,” Calvin said, “but sometimes you have to tell her what to do to keep her in check”

Although the two normally get along with each other, like any other siblings, they have their differences.

“She’s a morning person and I’m not,” Calvin said. “She likes to talk a lot and I prefer it to stay quiet.”

Despite this annoyance, Calvin and Courtney have become closer to each other because of diving.

“I get to see [Calvin] a lot more since we’re on the team together,” Courtney said. “That’s one of my favorite things about diving with him.”