Hallsville dominates all innings

The varsity Tigers baseball team went up against the No. 4 team in Texas, the Hallsville Bobcats.

The Bobcats got the first run on the board. In the second inning, Bobcat first baseman, Logan Bailey hit a Homerun to give Hallsville the 1-0 advantage.

Hallsville continued to score in the fourth inning. Their left fielder hit a double and eventually scored on a pass ball giving them the 2-0 lead.

The Bobcats scored two more the next inning, one on a pass ball and the next was brought in on an RBI.

Texas High finally scored in the fifth inning. Kyrain Williams, Colton Russell and Jordan Small scored after a hit from Colby Adkins, Alec Kugler and Cole Prince, altering the score to 4-2.

In the final inning of the game, Hallsvillle went off for 4 more runs. In the end, Texas High lost the game 8-2.

“We fought until the very end,” Adkins said. “We played hard, and sometimes it just doesn’t fall our way.”

The Tigers performance wasn’t as bad as it seemed. With key contributors such as Adkins going 2-3 with an RBI and pitcher Cole Prince only giving up two earned runs and three strikeouts.

“We played a good 6 innings of baseball and then we just had a little crash at the end,” Williams said. “It’ll be like that sometimes in baseball, baseball is a game of inches. If you take one bad read it will be an error, or if you take one too many steps you’ll get a ball between your legs, so we played 6 good innings of baseball and one bad inning that cost us the game.”