Face of the game — Kip Williams


Photo by Sara Vaughn

With his moustache kit in hand and a fresh rim of sweat brewing amongst his brow line, he begins the final touches to his famed moustache, one that can rival the likes of former professional pitcher Rollie Fingers. A long toss, a bullpen session, and moustache wax seem to be the only components to the definition of Kip Williams. The red-haired, ‘stache having southpaw has numerous skills, but one remains more reliable than any breaking pitch or running fastball he possesses: his versatility.

As Kip approaches his final year of highschool baseball, his other skill has seemed to take a backseat as his presence on the mound overflows into his daily life. However, Williams will be attending Southern Arkansas University in the fall to strap up his pads and play tight end for the Muleriders. A change almost as quick as his transition from quarterback to tight end that occurred in only one season.

“Baseball has always been my love, but the transfer was something I enjoyed,” Williams said. “I like the fast pace of football along with the aggressiveness and physical side of the sport as well.”

His love for both sports runs deep; playing baseball and football for almost his whole life has been something of pure joy for Williams. He has enjoyed a good senior season, earned the number one role in the rotation, and is counted on by both his coaches and teammates.

“You cannot just stop loving baseball, that is why I play,” said Williams. “I decided to pursue the route of football because of the injury to my arm, but I don’t think it should end my baseball career.”

Although football and baseball have different aspect and goals, as the sports progress, the more the figurative personalities of the two games converge. Through the lessons he has learned while playing these sports, Williams has developed a strong sense of leadership on and off the field.

His journey to collegiate athletics has featured many aspects that every athlete knows: long days and nights, blood, sweat and tears, but Williams credits his success to another source that molded him into what he has become today.

“I credit my success to my mom, she is the one who got me started,” said Williams. “She is the one that would take me outside to play catch, she is the one who gave me the encouragement to start football and pursue things I never would have if it was not for her.”  

With his success off the field, Kip one day plans to attend either the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy or the U.S Naval Academy.

Equipped with a moustache larger than life, a great curveball and the physical prowess to play collegiate football, Williams is prepared for anything life has to throw his way.

“I have one life and once chance for it to mean something, is easy to make a buck but it is hard to make a difference,” said Williams. “My life motto is to keep fighting, and that’s exactly what I plan to do.”