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Kara Jefferies

Kara Jefferies, videographer

Between sleeping till noon and eating whole chunks of Lays chips flavoring, senior Kara Jefferies serves as a staff videographer for THS Student Media. She has been in the program since her freshman year. She sings in a band with both of her parents and seeks to have a career in screenwriting. Jefferies enjoys going to concerts, raising the dead and loving opossums. As a result of her vast knowledge of video games, she often butchers most casual social interactions by bringing up some nerd-related thing which, in turn, often makes people uncomfortable and continues to send her self esteem into a downward spiral. Since she is absolutely insane, she is learning French, Spanish, Russian and German. Astronomy is her favorite subject, and she wants to be on the space crew to colonize Mars. She will most likely be declined. She is intrigued by creepy, dark and horror related things such as snakes, cults and children. She’s weird, obviously.

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Kara Jefferies