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Connor Powell
Senior copy editor extraordinaire Connor Powell is closing out his high school career with copious amounts of ambition, drive and homemade bread. From marine biology to baking to theatre, Powell is a hodge-podge of hobbies and interests and will not hesitate to tell you all about his favorite crustacean. His sense of humor is easily summed up by the fact that he watches Cody Ko and Noel Miller on YouTube and loves John Mulaney. He drinks black coffee because he says it tastes good, even though everyone knows it does not. He’s an adventurer at heart, from walking in Bringle Lake Park to climbing Mount Pinnacle. Powell’s friends know him as a lovable ball of chaos that always sports the best Halloween costumes with his best friend, Molly Kyles. Powell’s main superpower is making any boring situation a thousand times more interesting and finding something hilarious in every mundane moment. If you’re wondering where Connor will be after high school, the answer is Italy, making bread.

Connor Powell, copy editor

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Connor Powell