Painting her world

Sophomore finds inspiration and passion in art

Story by Connor Powell, staff writer

Her hand glides smoothly across the canvas, a trail of color following. She concentrates intently on giving each stroke a purpose.

Anolyn Keenum is a sophomore and an avid artist.  Painting and creating in general are the ways she forgets about the stress of day-to-day life. She has recently taken to social media and has been utilizing it as a platform to display her art, giving her an opportunity to reach a much broader audience.

“I began to post my work onto social media sites, because I thought maybe at least one person could gain something from it,” Keenum said.

Even before Keenum was on any social media, art played a key factor in shaping who she is today. As a child, she was always encouraged to explore her more artistic side.

“I’ve been sketching and painting for as long as I can remember,” Keenum said. “My parents always had old art supplies that I used.”

Through Keenum’s eyes, the world is rich with inspiration. Keenum credits her inspiration to the likes of artists from the past and from the present.

“A lot of my inspiration has come from classic works like Salvador Dali, from modern arts and from the people around me,” Keenum said. “My art is influenced by themes that run rampant in their work.”

Initially, Keenum was hesitant to post her art online, fearful she would be criticized harshly. Eventually she set her concerns aside and posted her work.

“After sharing my art on social media, the responses have been very positive and I get great feedback,” Keenum said. “It feels great knowing people appreciate something I’m so passionate about.”

Positive thought and creative expression are things Keenum values greatly, and these themes also play a major factor when it comes to creating her art.

“I want people to see my art everywhere, and hopefully be inspired in some way,” Keenum said.