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Dimitrius James
Dimitrius “Meach” James is a long haired “Dreadhead” from Texas High. Currently a junior, he is also an amateur photographer for Indefinite Visions, and is a member of Texas High photography staff. Originally from Texarkana, Arkansas, he played football from eighth grade through tenth grade for Texas Middle School and Texas High School while also running track. Dimitrius is goofy and outspoken with a hint of wit, while also being the easiest person to collaborate with. Dimitrius first picked up a camera in the eighth grade, and with a couple miniature shoots, he realized in the ninth grade that what was once a hobby, could actually be a talent. Never the one to be at home, Dimitrius likes to go out and participate in many festivities. He is a lover of soul food and basketball.  Turning a vision into an image with a story is what gives Dimitrius his certain edge.

Dimitrius James, Photographer

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Dimitrius James