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Jasmine Stark
Senior Jasmine Stark is  a swimmer and staff photographer. Jasmine is Dora the Explorer’s doppelganger. Jasmine is also a Michael Jackson look-alike. She is loud, makes stupid jokes and quotes tik toks. . Jasmine is really good at giving advice, in her own opinion. However, she is not as good at taking her own advice. She is OCD, so sometimes others’ actions annoy her a lot. She is always taking Buzzfeed quizzes, personality tests and “We can guess how old you really are in just 5 questions” quizzes. She enjoys watching Netflix and listening to her music. She’ll be bobbing her head to her music in the corner of the photography room while editing photos. Jasmine is very social, so don’t be afraid to make conversation with her. She works at Texas Roadhouse, so you are more than welcome to stop in. Jasmine really likes to make friends.

Jasmine Stark, photographer

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Jasmine Stark