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Mikayla Zverina
Mikayla Zverina is a sassy first-year staff writer that is jumping into junior year with a loud “cowabunga!” Her dogs are her precious babies, and she would do anything for their sweet, cuddly faces. She is a strong advocate for power naps at any time of the day and for the save the bees movement. She believes that Vanilla Coca-Cola is the superior beverage. Mikayla lives for sarcasm and puns. She is whale-y good at ocean puns and dolphin-itely says them on porpoise. If you ever need a fellow Disney fan, she is your gal. Mikayla can be caught playing “Careless Whisper” on the saxophone and tossing six foot flags in the air during halftime at football games. If you see Mikayla running, you better run too. 

Mikayla Zverina, staff writer

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Mikayla Zverina