Orange is the new black

A new, fun twist on the latest fall fashion


Photo by Peyton Sims

Photo Illustration

Story by Mikayla Zverina, staff writer

The full moon towers in the night sky looking over your shoulder at the old pictures. Your fall fashion choices haunt you like the ghost of your wardrobe’s past. Re-leaf your future self and follow these tips to revamp your autumn apparel. 

Pumped-up kicks 

Pumpkin spice up your old looks with some brand new DIY pumps. Grab your latte and head to the nearest pumpkin patch. Search for two similar pumpkins that are a few inches longer than your feet and take them home for the fun to begin. Cut a hole in the side of each pumpkin big enough to comfortably fit your feet in. Rock your brand new shoes all around town during the spooky season. You’re sure to sprout a new fashion statement with these trendy kicks!

Lashes crawling with improvement 

After Thanksgiving, clothing is tight and money is too. Help save a few bucks and make your own false lashes to bring out your fall spirit. With this spine-chilling weather, the outdoors is crawling with the perfect lashes. Simply step outside and find the spider legs that best fit the look you’re going for. Just detach the legs and apply to the eyelid with lash glue. If spider leg lashes don’t scream fall fashion, everyone that sees you will. 

Scary scrunchies 

What legging-wearing, hydroflasksk-drinking, save-the-turtle-straw-sipping girl doesn’t own a scrunchie nowadays? With all these mysteriously abandoned spider webs, make your own spider-silk scrunchie as a festive way to keep everyone’s eyes stuck on you. It’s as easy as taking a hair elastic and wrapping an abundance of spider webs around them. If you don’t feel like making them, plenty can be found on the web. 

Handy Halloween handbag 

Finding the perfect handbag has been stumping ladies for years. The solution to this problem has been smiling back at us for years, the Jack-o-lantern buckets. With the wide range of colors available and the sturdy, protective plastic, your belongings will be protected, and your outfit will be complete. This vital accessory will not only make a bold statement, but it will also match your brand new pumps. 

Freaky fall foliage 

People are sticking to the new trend of tying tinsel in their hair to add extra glam to basic hairstyles. To turn this trend festive for the fall season, just simply leaf out the boring tinsel and branch out. Find some dead leaves on the ground and do the exact same thing. This fun fall look wood leave everyone speechless. 

These hacks are so simple, it’s scary. If you follow these simple tips, you will squash the fall fashion game and leave everyone saying “oh my gourd.”