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Phoebe Neff
Phoebe Neff returns to Room 50B, this time, as a fierce copy editor. She underwent many changes since the last time she had to write a bio for herself, one of the biggest being that she quit band this year. While her trumpet, bandmates and competition memories will always hold a special place in her heart, quitting was an important and necessary part of her story arc. No longer a band kid, Phoebe finds herself with much more time on her hands than she is used to, and immerses herself in her love for reptiles, amphibians, academics and decoration. Another big change that occurred within her was that she learned the difference between active and passive voice in writing. With her newfound time, energy and grammar proficiency, she is committed to being the strongest copy editor to ever correct the Tiger Times, even if she has to do it from home for a little while.

Phoebe Neff, copy editor

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Phoebe Neff