Job hunt made easy

TISD creates online job board to help students find local work


Story by Phoebe Neff, Editor-In-Chief

Many teens are ready to fill the jobs that have been left open from the current labor shortage. To assist students in their job search, Texarkana Independent School District has implemented a new feature to the TISD website that will allow students to easily access information about establishments that are hiring. This new feature is the Student Job Board, and it can be found by searching “job board” on the TISD website, or by following this link.

“The job board has been in construction for about two months, but just [went] live earlier this week. The idea was first brought to me by Todd Marshall, director of STEM and CTE for TISD,” Texas High School principal Patti O’Bannon said. “We worked out the logistics and had it added to the menu on the Texas High website for easy access.”

For some students, knowing where to look to find a job can be a daunting task. This new tool was created to solve that issue, as it provides easy and simple access to job sources. Not only is this beneficial for teens, but the school district believes that it will aid businesses in the community as well.

“The purpose of this tool is to provide an easily accessible location on our school’s website for students to access information about current job opportunities in our community,” O’Bannon said. “We see this as a win-win for both our students, as well as area businesses.”

For employers, the process to submit information is straightforward. They are given a link to follow and fill in the job listing information, and administrative support specialist Olivia Webb will transfer this to the job board.

“Businesses can include information about the job as well as contact information.  They may also provide a direct link to the application, which gives our students direct access to apply for open positions,” O’Bannon said. “Students will be able to browse the job listings and then click on the link provided by the employer for additional information, including how to apply.”

TISD created this new feature with the goal of making the application process as painless as possible for teens. O’Bannon believes that this will be a positive change for the student body.

“Students won’t have to go out and search as much for businesses that are hiring,” O’Bannon said. “It will save students time by having a lot of information about job opportunities in one location and be an easy way for them to apply for jobs and potentially get hired.”