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Psychology of the teenage mind

January 17, 2020

The teenage brain undergoes many stressful situations throughout short periods of time, causing  most teens to hide their emotions and have difficulty openly talking about their problems. The teenage brain is very complex and has to work harder than adults in similar situations due to them not bein...

Baking away the stress

Baking away the stress

January 24, 2018

She whisks the yolks as she hums a soft melody, flour covering her shirt. Her mind is calm for the first time in weeks, her only worry being if she remembered to spray cooking oil in the bundt pan. My friends say that I’m “such a Paula Deen,” but baking is just something I’ve always enjoyed do...

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An injury in my four-legged family

November 15, 2017

I have a strong relationship with my dog. She is my lifeline. She is the shoulder I cry on. She is my favorite thing on this earth.   I can understand why some people don’t show emotion to their pets. To some, they’re just fur-balls, but to me they’re more than that. They have feelings...

What if?

What if?

November 9, 2017

No matter where I am, no matter what I’m busy with, thoughts roll around my head constantly. Sometimes, the thoughts transform into irrational ones– fears. Fear of the potential. Fear of what could go wrong. Fear of not being able to handle certain circumstances when they arise. I work myself up on...

Keenan Thrapp sits alone on the bleachers in the Tiger Center to his feelings about mandatory pep rally attendance. Thrapp and other students that suffer from social anxiety no longer have a place to go during pep rallies.

Students voice concerns about mandatory pep rally attendance

November 2, 2017

Large double doors and a sea of rowdy students make clawing through more difficult. Finding a space to sit and feel safe is a challenge when that sea begins to swallow him. Looking around, so much is going on–peers are shouting, people are dancing, and his airways begin to shrink. Though he’s being ...

Junior Logan Smith feels the world revolving, spinning out of control as she bares the stress of school and grades.

Academic anxiety

December 18, 2014

The clock reads 1:43 a.m. as she flips yet another history page, trying to finish the chapter in time to begin another English paper and maybe get an early start on her physics homework that never ceases to confuse her. Her chest tightens as she realizes there is no way she is getting any sleep tonight,...

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