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Audrey Haskins

Audrey Haskins, feature editor

According to her boyfriend, senior Audrey Haskins is an energetic optimist  going into her third year on the Tiger Times staff. This is her second year as feature editor, and she continues to love story telling with every part of her being. When not in class, she spends the majority of her time either being known as the “edgy” one onstage, working alongside her best friend or gushing over the ferrets at the local pet store while dragging her poor boyfriend along. Like most seniors, it’s not surprising that she doesn’t know the details of what she’ll be doing after graduation, but she does know that as long as she has art and the ones she loves in her life she will be happy. She does have an issue though, a Greek tragedy of a problem. She has this horrible addiction of utilizing her discount at the retail store at which she works and now has so many clothes that she cannot fit them in her closet or dresser drawers. They’re slowly taking over her room. Although she is a messy person, she is a mess that is determined to conquer her final year at Texas High.


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Audrey Haskins