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Books sit on a cart apart from the rest of the library texts with a note to students. TISD removed the books from the library on Sept. 28, 2022 as part of a review for educational suitability.

TISD removes books from THS library

Story by Reese Langdon, Joseph Haynes-Stewart and Sophie Keller September 30, 2022

Two shelves of books sit isolated in librarian Brooke Ferguson’s office on an orange, metal cart. Far away from all the other jaw-dropping, heart-wrenching, information-rich books that make the library...

A variety of books common in secondary English curriculums stand in a row. Many assigned readings are notoriously boring, but others catch students attention.

Obligatory books

Story by Stephanie Jumper, Editor-In-Chief January 31, 2022

The sound of wind swooshing around paper as each page is flipped from cover to cover. The grainy texture of a lightly torn paperback that’s been sitting in the back of the library shelf for years. The...

Many famous books have been adapted as films, but they often dont hold up to the original source material.

Beautiful book to bad blockbuster

Story by Gracie Tucker, Staff Writer January 11, 2022

“That movie was so good,” all the time this is what we hear, but most of the time those who say this have never read the book. Little do they know the movie destroyed the storyline and details that...

Dystopian literature has surged with popularity in recent years with many new books being published in the genre.

The deal with dystopian

Story by Sophie Keller, staff writer September 3, 2021

Everyone has their own taste in books. With countless literature genres to choose from — mystery to sc-fi, crime to romance and horror to comedy, one genre in particular has been on the rise — dystopian. Some...

After critiquing some of the worst books shes ever read, Allen decided to bring light to some of the best.

These books do not stink

Story by Emma Allen, staff writer March 9, 2021

Since I was but a wee tot, I’ve loved books and reading. Though there is little time for that anymore if it’s not assigned for school (and we all know those usually aren’t any good anyway), I still...

Out of millions of books, theres bound to be a couple that may be unworthy of reading.

These books stink

Story by Emma Allen, staff writer January 24, 2021

From a young age, I’ve loved books. There’s something about reading about someone else’s adventures, getting to know fictional characters, their motivations, who they are, that I’ve always been...

With the release of the fifth book of the Twilight series,

Bella, Edward and abuse uncensored

Story by Emma Allen, staff writer October 26, 2020

Over the past few months, the “Twilight” books and movies have been regaining traction in light of the announcement and release of the fifth book, “Midnight Sun.” Fans and haters alike have flocked...

graphic by Sydney Rowe

Fantasy and Fiction

Story by Sydney Rowe, Staff writer May 27, 2020

Young adult books are becoming increasingly popular among teens and people that enjoy reading stories with young adults as the main characters. Commonly having romance, dystopian or fantasy themes, these...

Photo Illustration

Culturally diverse books

Story by Andrea Loredo, staff writer April 3, 2020

Books can take us to many different places and introduce us to many different cultures. They can give an insight into other people's lives and how differently they live. Authors write about their life...

Teens browse through signed copies of books at  the North Texas Teen Book Festival in Irving, Texas.

A trip for the books

Story by Peyton Sims and Andrea Loredo March 11, 2020

On Saturday, March 7, The Texas High Library Club had the opportunity to attend the North Texas Teen Book Festival in Irving, Texas.The students that attended had the opportunity to buy books, meet authors...

Author Catt Dahman speaks to library club students about her career as an author. Dahman has authored many successful horror novels.

Q&A with Catt Dahman

Story by Andrea Loredo, staff writer November 14, 2019

The Library Club had the opportunity to meet native Texan and published author Catt Dahman. Dahman is a horror writer whose books range from extreme and mainstream horror to historical horror. Dahman talked...

Photo Illustration

Book Upgrade

Story by Aislyn Echols, staff writer October 15, 2019

Reading has gone through a long and exhausting evolution. It has gone from some people not being able to read, to reading being for a narrow demographic, and now, even with all of our new technologies...

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