Beautiful book to bad blockbuster

Movie adaptations often pale in comparison to the original novels


Photo by Gracie Tucker

Many famous books have been adapted as films, but they often don’t hold up to the original source material.

Story by Gracie Tucker, Staff Writer

“That movie was so good,” all the time this is what we hear, but most of the time those who say this have never read the book. Little do they know the movie destroyed the storyline and details that the book provided in the story. The movies ruin the books about 99% of the time, with few of my top picks standing out as particularly dismaying.

The Giver

Many teens remember “The Giver” because it was the book that many read in middle school. It is science fiction, and it covers a teen named Jonas who is anointed the job of the Giver of his town. The Giver has the toughest job because everyone else in the town does not know what is right or wrong in their actions, yet Jonas does since he sees the memories of the past. 

The book was great, and it even brought tears to the eyes of many readers. When the movie was released, the reason for crying was different; it was terrible. The book blended all the elements of a good story together, giving many feelings of love, heartache and anticipation. However, the movie chose unimportant parts of the book; watchers were shown in more romantic relationships than anything else. Overall, it did not do the book justice in the way it deserved.

Percy Jackson Series 

In elementary school, the “Percy Jackson” series was inevitable for those who enjoyed reading. It had a touch of mystery with a dash of excitement. When the series of movies was announced, everyone was thrilled. 

However, the movie series missed the mark by a long shot. The movies were poorly made. There was a lack of much-needed detail and connections made with the characters in the book. The build-up of some main points in the book were robbed from the movies, especially when Percy realizes Poseidon is his dad. However, even though these movies were a massive let down, it’s hard to deny that they became the kind of movies one would watch many times.

Twilight Series

When asking anyone about the “Twilight” series, people can’t help but reply with “Kristen Stewart was a terrible actress,” then their list then goes downhill from there. The book series is long for sure; however, it is an amazing read every “Twilight” fan needs to enjoy once in their life. The books, like most others that transition into a movie, lack many details as well as add unnecessary drama. 

The movie series is mostly adored by drama-loving teens; honestly, everyone has been in the Edward or Jacob phase. However, you do not get the full effect of the feud without the book. When it comes to the movies, readers often had critiques such as “if only it had a bit more,” or “if only they chose that scene.” With the “Twilight” books, you never have that thought pop up in your head.

When talking about the latest blockbuster, encourage people to read the book version of their favorite movies. Many audience members have not, and they do not know what they are missing. From now on, read the book before you watch the movie; you will never be disappointed.