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Sophomore Grey Johnson performs at the Four States Marching Contest in the Tiger Marching Band. The Tri-M Music Honor Society will begin at Texas High in August 2018. The honor society will include the three musical organizations on campus which consist of band, choir and orchestra.

Music to our ears

June 4, 2018

The fluttering of the flutes. The belting of the choir singers. The vibrato of the violins and cellos. They all have something in common: musicality. Yet, they are not unified at school, but band director Steve Bennett plans on changing the disconnectivity between the musical department of the schoo...


Crescendoing choir experiences

March 8, 2018

Anticipation filled the chests of all of the students waiting. I felt mostly confident. My mother was sitting beside me the entire time listening to me blabber words (oftentimes my coping mechanism for nerves) and she monitored me to make sure I knew I would do great. We had been waiting for hours...

All-region choir auditions were held on Oct. 7

All-region choir auditions were held on Oct. 7

October 9, 2017

On Oct. 7, choir students headed to North Lamar High School in Paris, Texas, at 7:15 a.m. to audition for a spot in the All-Region choir. Students from across the region competed for this opportunity. In the audition, students were expected to sing certain sections of three songs with the right k...

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