All-region choir auditions were held on Oct. 7

Story by Amanda Garmon, staff writer

On Oct. 7, choir students headed to North Lamar High School in Paris, Texas, at 7:15 a.m. to audition for a spot in the All-Region choir. Students from across the region competed for this opportunity.

In the audition, students were expected to sing certain sections of three songs with the right kind of sound and rhythm along with pre-recorded accompaniments. Those selected will perform at the annual Texas Music Educator’s Association Clinic with the All-Region choir in Mount Pleasant, Texas and will have a chance to advance.

While students waited in the auditorium for their turn to audition, they were not allowed to sing. They were only allowed to audiate their music or do some minor vocal warm-ups. Electronic devices were also prohibited.

The students found out the results a couple hours after all auditions were complete and they traveled back to Texas High around 6 p.m on Saturday night.

Junior Amanda Garmon was awarded the title of first alternate of the 2017 All-Region choir.