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Seniors Mason Higginbotham, CJ Swift, and Kenan Parker admire each other's costumes during the annual Feast and Follies celebration.

Poets and peasants

November 9, 2017

Plague doctors, priests and peasants circle tables filled with scents of bread rolls, butter and savory desserts. The senior class mingles and roams across the room, taking in the warm atmosphere and the medieval decorations. Feast and Follies was held last Thursday, Nov. 2 in the cafeteria, and the s...

'Wait, they're freshmen?'

‘Wait, they’re freshmen?’

October 27, 2017

Sophomore English students quietly whisper, avoiding his gaze. He looks around nervously, patiently waiting for someone to associate with in the class. “He’s a freshman?” “What’s he doing in here?” “How did he get in here?” Caden and Cort Rainwater are twin freshmen boys who ar...

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#TBT: the English language

September 2, 2015

The average adult that is commonly exposed to teenage culture tends to hear a plethora of pseudo words that make absolutely no sense to them. Teenagers throw these words around as casually as if they had been speaking them their entire life. The blame of this shift in vocabulary is typically attributed to...

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