Poets and peasants

senior class enjoys classic literature feast


Alyssa Higgins

Seniors Mason Higginbotham, CJ Swift, and Kenan Parker admire each other’s costumes during the annual Feast and Follies celebration.

Story by Victoria Van, entertainment editor

Plague doctors, priests and peasants circle tables filled with scents of bread rolls, butter and savory desserts. The senior class mingles and roams across the room, taking in the warm atmosphere and the medieval decorations.

Feast and Follies was held last Thursday, Nov. 2 in the cafeteria, and the seniors dressed up as characters from the series of stories called “The Canterbury Tales.” Within the event, each senior had the opportunity to enjoy feasting with the senior English teachers.

“We set up the year before, [and] begin preparations in August to get everything going smoothly and cooperate with the students to organize the event,” senior English teacher Anne Granado said.

The seniors and culinary art students collectively chipped in donations or brought items themselves to contribute toward the feast.

“The culinary arts students cooked and served the food for us,” senior Alan Alvarado said. “The senior class had time to liberate themselves and take pictures the whole time.”

A chicken wing-eating contest was held where six “knights” competed to see how many chicken wings one could eat in the allotted time. Senior Adam Quinn won by eating 16 chicken wings within two minutes.

“I went into the contest with a feeling I was going to win,” Quinn said. “They announced my name that I won, I just smiled and went and got my prize from Mrs. Rigdon.”

Ultimately this year’s Feast and Follies was deemed a positive outcome relaying the message that hard work and organization leads to a rewarding event.

“I think the event went great this year,” Granado said. “We had so much fun with the wing eating contest and we got double the students to participate in the contest. Every year, we try to take on a little bit more to improve on for the upcoming. There’s always planning that goes into it and I believe this year’s was a success.”