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Photo illustration by Margaret Debenport. A young woman clutches her keys in a parking lot.

Safety First

February 5, 2020

There is no arguing that changes in society have created an atmosphere of worry and danger. An atmosphere in which young women alter the way they complete certain tasks in order to ensure their own safety from potential threats. For most, these behaviors are instinctive and go unnoticed, but this subl...

Photo Illustration

Clowning around

October 17, 2019

Most Americans knows about the year of the clown, 2016. People ran around waving knives dressed up as clowns, hence  the name “killer clowns.” From wearing clown masks to robbing stores to chasing young children away from their bus stops, these clowns did it all.  After these occurrences, states such as Mich...

Graphic by Victoria Van

Proposals and policies

January 4, 2019

A threat. Not a plan. Not a block. Not a wall. A threat that sends millions of families into dismay. The idea of deportation, loss of citizenship, or separation of family are implications that would shake any person to the core, but for so many who reside on United States land, this is the reality, ...



November 7, 2018

Is there an afterlife? Does one leave their body and travel upward? Does the world simply fall black and nothing occur? These are a few questions that many people who find terror in death ask themselves. Thanatophobia, better described as the fear of death, is a complex phobia that shapes how pe...

There’s nothing worse

There’s nothing worse

November 1, 2017

Most people simply cringe when they hear slightly unpleasant sounds. I, on the other hand, may get upset. Misophonia, also known as select sound sensitivity syndrome, is the fear or hatred of certain noises and sounds. To me, there is nothing worse than someone’s loud crunches of ice, nauseati...

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