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17 Ways in 17 Days

February 3, 2020

A little bit of kindness can go a long way. Whether it’s shown to someone during a time of darkness or on an amazing day, performing one simple act of kindness a day makes your life and other’s life so much better. Random Acts of Kindness Day is celebrated on Feb. 17 and is a day to brighten peop...

Graphic by Kaitlyn Rodgers

Dreaming for change

February 13, 2019

Texas High’s Dream Club, formerly sponsored by Chick-fil-A and known as the Chick-fil-A Leadership Academy, has been operating for nearly five years now. It now strives to spread positivity and kindness throughout the hallways of our school. The club holds weekly meetings on Tuesdays in the school library...

Holding her own crafted thank-you card, sophomore Sophia Conkleton shows her creativity and thoughtfulness. She has been sending these cards to many branches of the military for months.

Signed, sealed and delivered with love

April 11, 2018

Service. Respect. Discipline. All of these words embody the sentiment sophomore Sophia Conkleton experiences when the topic of the military passes through a conversation. Conkleton’s passion for the sacrifices made by the armed forces provided her with the opportunity to send considerate cards to th...


Before we are fractured

October 9, 2017

This has already been written. Time and time again. Not only by us, but by individuals across the globe. The same words are used in hopes that maybe repetition and accusatory phrases will get the job done, but we keep finding ourselves gridlocked in a synonymous state. The names may be different; the...

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