Signed, sealed and delivered with love

Handwritten cards for the military forged by student provides happiness


Photo by Kaitlyn Gordon

Holding her own crafted thank-you card, sophomore Sophia Conkleton shows her creativity and thoughtfulness. She has been sending these cards to many branches of the military for months.

Story by Victoria Van, entertainment editor

Service. Respect. Discipline. All of these words embody the sentiment sophomore Sophia Conkleton experiences when the topic of the military passes through a conversation. Conkleton’s passion for the sacrifices made by the armed forces provided her with the opportunity to send considerate cards to the military made with love and encouragement.

“I was inspired to make the cards for the military because I know that people are overseas sometimes fighting for our country,” Conkleton said. “Not a lot of people care that they’re over there protecting us, sacrificing their lives, so I want to make them feel special.”

Honoring each individual is a goal that Conkleton strives to reach by sending handmade cards to each of the military branches as often as she can.

“I try to send a military card every day if I have time,” Conkleton said. “I have sent a bunch of cards to the Marine Corps, Navy, Marines, Army and most recently the Coast Guard.”

Appreciation of the brave soldiers resonates in Conkleton’s mind as she thoughtfully relays every message utilizing crayons or colored pencils for her works.

“I put phrases such as ‘Thank you for serving our country’ on the cards, draw pictures for them, and put the names of bases on there. I tell them how much I appreciate their uniforms and everything they do,” Conkleton said.

Multitudes of people question the motives of Conkleton’s kindness, yet she has prevailed. The people who question her motives only push her to keep sending kind thoughts and cards. 

“I decided to do it on my own. People ask why I send the letters in the first place and it’s because I like to. They really appreciate it since they don’t get a lot of presents or rewards overseas,” Conkleton said.

For each person in the military, thank you for protecting me and for defending my country.”

— Sophia Conkleton

No obstacle has weakened her willpower to strive in an environment designed to develop determined and spirited people every day.

“I think there’s a possibility that people like me could have a position in the military someday,” Conkleton said. “The Red River Army Depot fixes tanks so that could be something I can do to help them.”

Conkleton’s heartfelt messages resonate with each person who receives them and her encouragements will forever be acknowledged and held in high regards. She hopes to embolden the attitudes of each serving member of the military with her words of comfort and stability.

“For each person in the military, thank you for protecting me and for defending my country. I care about you and I’ll keep sending stuff and wish you come home safely,” Conkleton said. “Good luck in the military, I love you and I hope you do a good job.”