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NHS bear hunt

NHS bear hunt

October 29, 2015

It’s a cold winter night, and there’s an unfortunate little girl attempting to sleep in an unheated home. Freezing, lonely and afraid of the night, the girl reaches for her teddy bear that her parents got for her. The bear gives her comfort, and she finally falls asleep. National Honor Society will be hosting a “Bea...

Seniors Marteyjah Beard Handy, Oralia Basurto-Ruiz, Wanita Bailey, Kierra Bagsby and Jordan Addison receiving their National Honor Society collars.

National Honor Society inducts 130 new members

May 1, 2015

New members of the National Honor Society were inducted on Sunday, April 26 at the Sullivan Performing Arts Center. One hundred thirty new members were inducted. Most new members were sophomores, although ten were juniors and two were seniors. “I think the induction went very smoothly,” said NHS...

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