National Honor Society inducts 130 new members

Anna Cannon

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Photo by Rachel Lewis

Seniors Marteyjah Beard Handy, Oralia Basurto-Ruiz, Wanita Bailey, Kierra Bagsby and Jordan Addison receiving their National Honor Society collars.

New members of the National Honor Society were inducted on Sunday, April 26 at the Sullivan Performing Arts Center. One hundred thirty new members were inducted. Most new members were sophomores, although ten were juniors and two were seniors.

“I think the induction went very smoothly,” said NHS sponsor Linda Teeters. “The kids did all the things they were supposed to and it went very quickly.”

One hundred thirty one senior members are graduating this year, and most were in attendance for the ceremony.

“The seniors were presented their collars at the induction ceremony,” Teeters said. “They get to wear those at the graduation ceremony.”

National Honor Society is a service organization, and takes part in several different service projects throughout the year.

“One of our biggest projects is the annual bear hunt,” Teeters said. “We collect stuffed animals and deliver them to the orphanages, homeless shelters, the Salvation Army, and the Battered Women’s Shelter. We collect and deliver somewhere between 500 and 800 stuffed animals.”

Potential members must meet a list of qualifications to be considered for membership. After the initial draft, they must complete more tasks in order to be inducted.

“To be considered for NHS, the students must have a cumulative, unweighted GPA of 89.5 or higher,” Teeters said. “If they have that average or higher, they get a letter, then they come to a meeting. Then, they have to fill out an application, and they have to get two letters of recommendation. If all that works out, they’re inducted at the end of their sophomore year so they can be members their junior and senior years.”

The new members are eager to take part in the prestigious organization.

“I was excited for the induction,” sophomore Odin Contreras said. “I was glad I met all the requirements for Honor Society, and now I get to look forward to being a member.”