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Rise, shine and be peppy

October 3, 2019

Though football season is far from over, the time of stomping on gym bleachers and student stampedes has come to an end. As the sun peeks over the Math and Science building and the first drops of dew sparkle in the pit, school spirit will already be in full swing. For the remainder of the home games, pep ral...

Senior Justin Turner enjoys a slice of watermelon after the annual Watermelon Supper pep rally. Students and community members gathered to celebrate fall sports and kick off the school year.

Spitting seeds into senior year

August 20, 2019

Summer comes to a screeching halt with seeds and sports. For many, the annual Watermelon Supper is a great way to kick off the school year. For seniors, it is a nostalgic way to kick off the end. Freshman through junior year culminated as a jump into senior year on August 19. As with most school events,...

Keenan Thrapp sits alone on the bleachers in the Tiger Center to his feelings about mandatory pep rally attendance. Thrapp and other students that suffer from social anxiety no longer have a place to go during pep rallies.

Students voice concerns about mandatory pep rally attendance

November 2, 2017

Large double doors and a sea of rowdy students make clawing through more difficult. Finding a space to sit and feel safe is a challenge when that sea begins to swallow him. Looking around, so much is going on–peers are shouting, people are dancing, and his airways begin to shrink. Though he’s being ...

Giving breast cancer the boot

Giving breast cancer the boot

October 26, 2017

The gym is a sea of pink-- everyone is dressed in pink shirts and glittering pink makeup. Pink pom poms fly through the air, and every band uniform has a pink ribbon pinned to their shoulder. Breast cancer survivors and their families stand and smile at the community cheering before them. Texas High held...


November 13, 2014

The fire clawed the iced sky, warming the city of Texarkana. The audience staggered on the hills, creating an uninhibited pantheon. Students bundled up on the ground, lettermans cloaking their backs, smiling at classmates, awarding the hollow “15” silhouette in the sky their acknowledgement. They...

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