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Rise, shine and be peppy

October 3, 2019

Though football season is far from over, the time of stomping on gym bleachers and student stampedes has come to an end. As the sun peeks over the Math and Science building and the first drops of dew sparkle in the pit, school spirit will already be in full swing. For the remainder of the home games, pep ral...

Students of Nash elementary raise their hands to answer a question on their assignment. Bilingual teacher teaches a class completely in Spanish. Depending on the day, the class alternates between languages that the class will be taught in that day.

Bilingual schools

January 4, 2019

Words fumble around the mouths of children as they try to string them together into a sentence. Their tongues twist and turn as they try to pronounce sounds foreign to them. Their thought processes are hindered by their vocabulary and ability to build sentences, and communicating is nearly impossible. ...

Looking ahead

Story by Kaitlyn Gordon, photo editor

January 1, 2019

A roar of energetic conversations fills the crowded lobby of the Performing Arts Center, welcoming students with open doors and promising opportunities. Students were greeted by gleaming faces and hopes of future employment while surveying the array of booths holding what may be their future. On Dec. 6, Texas High hosted the 2018 Job Fair in the lobby of the Sullivan Performing Arts Center for Texas High students, allowing them to network with potential employers and discover post secondary educational and post prospectiv...

Blood Drive September 2018

September 17, 2018

Birth control is one of many aspects that is not covered in abstinence-only education. According to Planned Parenthood, only 18 states have legislation that require educators to share information about birth control.

A safer sex ed

August 25, 2018

A look around shows a large room as middle schoolers and high schoolers gather and peer at a small screen showing the dangers of sex, condoms and birth control. Many students blush, sweat or giggle under their breath as the sex education professional warns of how not adhering to abstinence will have life-al...

Who owns it?

Who owns it?

December 3, 2015

The debate over students’ ownership of intellectual property started when a student in Lewisville, Texas used the school’s equipment to take pictures of a sporting event and posted them on his Flickr account. Flower Mound High School ordered Anthony Mazur to take down the photos, and had all photogr...

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