Looking ahead

Story by Kaitlyn Gordon, photo editor

A roar of energetic conversations fills the crowded lobby of the Performing Arts Center, welcoming students with open doors and promising opportunities. Students were greeted by gleaming faces and hopes of future employment while surveying the array of booths holding what may be their future.

On Dec. 6, Texas High hosted the 2018 Job Fair in the lobby of the Sullivan Performing Arts Center for Texas High students, allowing them to network with potential employers and discover post secondary educational and post prospective opportunities.

“I wanted to have a variety of great paying, good benefit opportunities that are a career, not just a job, for the students, so that they get up in the morning and are excited to go to work and do something for their future,” said Bettie Stark, Assistant Principal for College and Careers. “Both hospitals are here. Also here is HUMCO and Ledwell, both with unique stories of how they began their business.”

Texas High School provided students with multiple career and education opportunities within the Ark-La-Tex area helping students find their way in life through either further education or preparation for careers awaiting them after graduation. Without this unique opportunity, students may have never known the array of options available for them after high school.

“There’s a lot of kids that probably wouldn’t reach out and go learn what jobs they can get if they weren’t brought to them,” junior Zachary Funches said. “I think this is really helpful to the kids.”

Students found many available opportunities for them post graduation and ways to prepare for whatever goal they’re intent on reaching someday in the future. They were provided with important information such as internships, career requirements, and much more.

“A lot of kids don’t know what they want to do,” X-Ray Technician Karen Wacha said. “When they come to these things, they find things that they might really like to do.”