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Winner winner chicken dinner

Winner winner chicken dinner

January 30, 2018

When the match starts, you are forced out of a plane. Once you’ve landed, your first thought is of what loot to grab. From there on out, there is only one mission: Be the last one alive. This is the player experience of PlayerUnknown’s “Battlegrounds,” otherwise known as PUBG, in a nutshell.&n...

The resurrection of Vine

The resurrection of Vine

January 9, 2018

They’re everywhere. Littered across YouTube, polluting Instagram feeds and infiltrating every Twitter timeline. There’s no way to use the internet without encountering one, and if you dare to click, there’s no question— you’ll become addicted. Beware of this silent drug. Beware of its inte...

Gabe Lohse

November 18, 2014


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