Following the heart with the mind 

Videographer explains passion for storytelling


Photo by Logan Diggs

Senior Assad Malik shoots a clip for a news package video. Malik has won numerous awards for his videography work.

Story by Logan Diggs, Managing editor

As the lens is focused and the recording button is pushed, what happens in front of a camera has the capability of affecting masses in different ways. Cameras have enabled people to tell millions of stories visually. However, with the attention completely drawn to what happens in front of the camera, few acknowledge the one behind it. 

Assad Malik is a senior whose passion is videography; being the best student videographer Texas High has to offer, few know the story behind his passion for the work.  

“I was introduced to AV production at a young age, when I was gifted a small camcorder for my fifth birthday. I filmed everything around the house from my sister brushing her teeth to my brother failing to do a wheelie,” Malik said. “Later on in life, I decided to reignite the passion I had as a child by joining an audio video production course at the high school.” 

After joining audio video production, Malik’s passion for the field of work grew due to the many things he enjoyed the most about it.

“For me, the most exciting thing about filmmaking isn’t the incredible gear I get to use or even what I’m shooting; it’s where it takes me,” Malik said. ”Videography has introduced me to amazing people that most would never get to know. It’s given me experiences other people don’t get. The idea of never knowing where I’ll end up excites me most.”

Being a videographer forced me into all of those situations and taught me valuable communication skills that I use in my daily life.”

— Assad Malik, senior

Breaking boundaries few have been able to surpass in audio video production, Malik has built a name for himself through his hard work. However, the course itself has taught him more than editing and producing videos.  

“Coming into the class, I would classify [myself] as an ‘awkward person’ — although, I still may be. I was scared of talking to strangers, asking tough questions and stepping out of my comfort zone,” Malik said. 

With senior year coming to an end, Malik has decided to major in journalism in college and further his education in the field to pursue his dreams.

“The experiences I’ve gained over the past few years make me dream of creating documentaries. Film has given me the chance to tell captivating stories of people that most wouldn’t know,” Malik said. “I want to meet new people. I want to document unknown stories. Most of all, I want to craft work that delivers a feeling.”