In harmony

Students join together to sing in annual Dinner Theater fundraiser


This year Dinner Theater was not just dances and skits, but Student Council decided to showcase the talents of some it’s members.

“We’ve had people who have sang before but we haven’t had the overall caliber of talent and live singing that we did this year,” Student Council sponsor Susan Waldrep said. “It brings more of a variety into our Dinner Theater, where we can do more things. I think it just makes it more exciting.”

Some of the students were anxious about singing in front such a large crowd.

“I sang ‘Say a Little Prayer for You,’ ‘All That Jazz’ and there’s a few more,” freshman Katie Biggar said. “I was nervous for the ones that there was only three of us. I sang one with Claire and Katherine Doan, so it kind of made me nervous because I had to sing louder.”

However, some of the students are not as nervous for this opportunity.

“I  sang ‘Say a Little Prayer for You’ and I sang ‘Mustang Sally,’ and I think that’s all,” freshman Francis Schroeder said. “I wasn’t really nervous because I was up there with a lot of people. I think there was about 10 of us.”

“I sang ‘Forever and Ever Amen,’ ‘Neon Moon,’ ‘Man of Constant Sorrow,’ ‘Leave the Pieces,’ and I played guitar,” freshman Cameron Tarpley said. “I didn’t really know all my stuff till the day of so I was a little anxious, but everything turned out alright in the end, and I thought I did pretty good overall.”

For some students getting to sing in the show was a mix of a nerve wracking and exciting experience.

“Being such a big part in anything can be kind of scary at first, especially if you don’t know exactly what you’re getting into. I know that I love to sing, and it is kind of a passion of mine that I’ve had for a very long time and to be offered such a high standard role was very upbringing to me because it made me feel very important,” freshman Brennon Cope said. “Some of the upperclassman kind of joke about how freshman can’t really do anything, but I feel like I proved them wrong. I feel like was really confident. I thought I was going to be really nervous, but I was confident. I got up there and did what i was suppose to do and more.”

For a few freshman singing in the show, it was an eye opening event.

“I sang ‘Henry the Eighth,’ ‘I Want You Back,’ ‘Boogie Shoes,’ ‘Man of Constant Sorrow,’” freshman Landon Ryden said. “It was definitely really humbling just to see that even though we’re just freshman just how much trust Mrs. Waldrep enlisted to us. We feel like upperclassmen now because we were given just so much responsibility, and I tried to take that as seriously as possible.”

Overall the talent that was displayed in this year’s Dinner Theater opened many doors for the many other shows to come.

“Singing this year was definitely something different and a little nerve wracking at first,” sophomore Grace Hickey said. “No one knew exactly how it would go and the thought of singing in front of 500 people was a little scary. Once we got into it though, it was really fun and really enhanced the overall performance. We also learned a lot about how to make it better for next year.”