AP exams begin May 5

 Week 1 
 Monday, May 5
 Tuesday, May 6
 Wednesday, May 7
 Thursday, May 8
 Friday, May 9
 8 a.m.
 Environmental Science
 Computer Sciences A
 Spanish Language 
 & Culture
 Calculus AB
 Calculus BC
 English Literature 
 & Composition
 English Languages 
 & Composition
 Art History
 Studio Art*
 Week 2
 Monday, May 12
 Tuesday, May 13
 Wednesday, May 14
 Thursday, May 15
 Friday, May 16
 8 a.m.
 Music Theory
 US Government 
 & Politics
 US History
 World History
 Spanish Literature 
 & Culture
 Physics B
 Physics C: Mechanics
 French Language 
  & Culture
 Human Geography
 2 p.m.
 Physics C: Electricity 
 and Magnetism

*May 9, 2014, is the last day for your AP Coordinator to submit your digital portfolio sections to the AP Program, but you will need to complete this work and submit it to your teacher well in advance of May 9. If you are submitting a 2-D Design or Drawing portfolio, you must meet with your AP teacher and AP Coordinator on or before May 9 to assemble the Quality section of your portfolio (the actual artwork that is mailed to the AP Program.)