I’m a princess, I swear

Coleman pours her passion in words, describing the ins and outs of becoming a Disney princess


Photo from Creative Commons

A Disney princess is the dream life when you’re a child. You see the cartoon princesses and wish you could be one of them. Then when your parents grant your wish of going to Disney World you get to see the beautiful, human might I add, princesses and realize that you could actually be them one day.

Fear not my fellow princess lovers; your childhood dream of becoming a princess can actually come true. Despite the many qualifications of being a real life princess for Disney, it’s an achievable goal. Disney World is currently looking for a princess Jasmine. If you’re at least 16, have a slender build, a toned midsection and you’re 5’3-5’7, you qualify for the beautiful princess. Don’t worry boys, they’re also searching for a Prince Eric, who was the male protagonist in “The Little Mermaid.”

The real question is why wouldn’t you want to be a princess? You get to be dressed beautifully every day. You go to work and sign autographs like you’re famous. Children actually think you’re the real princess (which you are) and are mesmerized by your attire and beautiful hair. The only downfall might be the pay, which can only get a 15 cent raise per year. The job is great for part time, but can’t really support much as full time.

However, it’s more than just looking pretty. Princesses in training are required to study their movie so that they can act just as their character and quote their movie when speaking to park attendees. Princesses are supposed to stay in character at all times, which includes always smiling, never sitting down, and of course, talking in their princess voice. They especially have never heard of anything outside of the Disney realm. So, Thomas the Train isn’t a real character.

So, fulfill your dream of becoming a princess. It might be challenging at times to work for Disney, but the gift of being princess is completely worth it. If college doesn’t work out for me, I’ll be flying to Disney World to audition for a princess, preferably Ana or Elsa, since you have to wear a wig anyway. Life is beautiful as a Disney princess.