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Go and tell it to the masses

Students and leaders kneel together to pray at Fields of Faith, which happened on oct. 11 at the Pleasant Grove High School football field.

Story by Lois LeFors, news editor

October 14, 2017

Three. The countdown begins and it seems like time starts moving in slow motion. Two. The speaker urges people to stand up and boldly make a step to God. One. The crowd holds a collective breath. For a split second, the only sounds that can be made out is the soft whistling of the wind and the rapid heart...

Tigers wins battle of the big cats

Texas High's Tevailance Hunt splits the seam between Liberty-Eylau defenders. The Tigers snap a 3 game losing streak with a 37-23 victory over the Leopards.

Story by Connor Brooks and Anna Grace Jones

September 16, 2017

The Texas High Tigers faced off against the Liberty-Eylau Leopards tonight at Grim Stadium. The game ended with 37-23 victory for the Tigers. The Leopards executed a short series of offensive plays for a touchdown one minute into the first quarter, allowing Liberty Eylau to put the first points on t...

All things work for good

Positive Post-It Notes line the walls of the English hallway as a way to show support to the student body.

Story by Langley Leverett, editor in chief

September 12, 2017

Lining the halls are small scraps of brightly colored paper with words scrawled on them. They are plastered to the surface, with the intention of transformation. The words, written in faded pencil, voice the opinion of many; something has to change. Even if it takes one word. One person. One bystander...

Finding a visual voice

Finding a visual voice

Story by Victoria Van, staff writer

March 21, 2017

  Inks and paints flood the smooth canvas with saturated color, creating an awe-inspiring piece of art, exemplified by individuality and emotions. Eyes find their way to the piece and the artist hopes that the judge will accept their hard effort. A wide array of students from all over...

Student parking woes

March 24, 2015

iPhone 6 announcement

September 12, 2014

Razorbacks defeat Tigers

Razorbacks defeat Tigers

Story by Jessica Emerson, Alex Heo, and Matt Francis

September 6, 2014

100 tears shed. 100 hearts broken. 100 fans coping. The Texas High Tigers took their first loss to Arkansas High, in 13 years, on the 100th game played"I'm just glad I'm not a senior. I honestly want to cry. Although I know it's not my last Texas versus Arkansas game," sophomore cheer escort Ricky Cooks...

Season Opener Pre-Game

August 30, 2014

Getting bigger – and better

Getting bigger – and better

Story by Tyler Snell, co-news editor

August 28, 2014

Photo by Ashley Tyson Spectators will notice on Friday nights an enhancement to Tiger Stadium. This enhancement will be one that some hope to boost fan involvement at football games. The new video screen will keep fans entertained with graphics lead by TigerVision students. Over the summer, a jumbotr...

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