Getting bigger – and better

Tiger stadium adds new video board


Story by Tyler Snell, co-news editor

Photo by Ashley Tyson
Spectators will notice on Friday nights an enhancement to Tiger Stadium. This enhancement will be one that some hope to boost fan involvement at football games. The new video screen will keep fans entertained with graphics lead by TigerVision students. Over the summer, a jumbotron replaced the scoreboard.

“The old scoreboard was outdated,” Athletic Director Barry Norton said. “We were constantly spending money repairing it every year.”

Economic reasons were not the only driving factor. Adding technology to the stadium to entertain the fans contributed to obtaining a jumbotron.

“[The scoreboard is] another way to enhance the fans’ experience during the games,” Norton said. “We were able to secure sponsorships from local businesses that will pay for the total cost of the board.”

In May, the board approved $279,336.14 to Nevco for the video board. Norton declined to release the names of the businesses in order to save the unveiling for the first football game, Friday. The operation of the jumbotron will boost the audience’s involvement.

“The fans will be able to see replays during the games,” Norton said. “[The fans will see] awesome graphics that will be used.”

These graphics will be operated by TigerVision students.

“We are always excited about new technology,” TigerVision adviser Charles Aldridge said. “Most of our opponents have screens, [and] it’s our turn.”

TigerVision is expanding its operations and experiences with the addition of the video board.

“It does add a higher degree of excitement knowing we have 9,500 plus viewers watching,” Aldridge said. “Also, the cool animations will help fire fans up.”

Fans will also increase their participation in events outside of football games because of the video board.

“The board will be used at every event at the stadium,” Norton said. “[It] may possibly open up opportunities to do other functions there.”

Having other activities at Tiger Stadium will bring more awareness and activity to the already busy stadium.

“I believe Tiger Stadium is one of the great high school football stadiums in the country,” Norton said. “ The new board will only make going to games even better.”