It’s time to give the hashtag a break

Story by Hannah Williams, staff writer

#icant… #canyounot…. #no


The new trend is now to hashtag everything in the world. It is popular to use this lovely symbol on social medias like Twitter, Instagram, and believe it or not, it’s used on Facebook. Yes, the people of Facebook are hashatgging things as well. When someone is not expecting something so ridiculous to be there, it’s shocking at first, then quickly turns annoying within a matter of seconds.

The hashtag was a number or pound sign that probably had no intentions of becoming so popular and so overused. It’s okay to use it on one or two things, but when someone goes over a million hashtags on one picture, it’s irrelevant and excessive.

The most ridiculous one that is on Instagram is #TagForLikes. Does the picture really need that many likes? Is the liking and interest of friends not self satisfying to one’s self? Is it a life or death situation if it doesn’t get at least 75-100 likes or retweets?

The least ridiculous one is #ThrowbackThursday. It feels good to display the cute and awkward stages of the past on a social media. It’s awesome to relive those fantastic, childhood memories through a picture of a snaggle-toothed self. Let’s be real, everyone uses that one every now and then.

Obvious favorites are #ManCrushMonday and #WomanCrushWednesday. Those are the worst for the people who are forever alone. With girls, we like to use people like the Biebs and Mr. Tatum. While guys on the other hand idolize females like Kate Upton and Megan Fox. Or, if they have a significant other, they use that person. AWE, so sweet.

Social media websites are not the only places where the hashtag has a ridiculous overuse. Believe it or not, people actually speak in hashtags. What is the world coming to people?

It is heard on a daily basis by the population at school. “Hashtag, I just can’t even right now.” Can’t even what? What does can’t even mean? It has become a secondary language of the human race.

It’s like people are making it into a slang that just isn’t working. The word hashtag has to be said before EVERYTHING. What’s the point? It wastes breath on a word that has no meaning and is completely irrelevant to what is fixing to be said.

But really, the poor little hashtag only wanted to be a pound sign, not something every teenager in the world used for dumb things. It seems that it has definitely lost its meaning, being that little thing you pushed when an automated voice message told you to do so. Let’s ease up on the hashtag. It would be much appreciated by many people, or everyone in the world.