New boutiques get rave reviews


Lauren Gibbert

The new boutique, Dressin’ Gaudy, is located in the Target shopping center off of Richmond road.

Story by Hannah Williams, staff writer

Combat boots.


Oversized sweaters galore.

With many new boutiques in Texarkana, there is no telling what kind of stylish clothing items are available. Ranging from the newest winter clothing to the hottest trends for the spring, these new boutiques are definitely the places to shop and look fabulous.

One of the boutiques is The Open Window. It is located on Richmond Road across the street from Lil’ Pink Hippo. The Open Window has loads of cute things, ranging from clothes to furniture. The prices range from $20 to $100. They also feature different local businesses’ goods. Freshman Skylar Huddleston is the daughter of the owner of The Open Window.

“There are several local vendors within the the store,” Huddleston says. “From inception, we have always wanted to help support and give back to our community. There is so much unknown talent within our community. This just provides a way for them to get exposure and share their talent.”

The store also has many options of dainty jewelry. The country and chic look and feel of The Open Window adds to the adorable clothes. The Open Window is definitely a place for all the “fashionistas” to go visit.

Dressin’ Gaudy is one of the newest boutiques in town. This quaint boutique is located in the Target shopping center. Dressin’ Gaudy opened a few weeks ago, and is originally from Tyler, Texas. Price ranges are between $13 to about $40. Dressin’ Gaudy has that name for a reason and that is for their adorable layered outfits that definitely make a statement. They have very unique scarves and hats, as well as combat boots. For all the hipsters out there, they also have funky headwraps. Ranging from lace to pearls and diamonds, the options are endless for the headwrap lovers. Walk into Dressin’ Gaudy being the average, everyday girl, and walk out with the latest fashions in hand.

The Cracked Pearl is also a new and quite popular boutique. For all the girly-girls out there, they have tons of adorable dresses and other clothing items. Walk into the boutique and see from wall to wall anything and everything every girly-girl would love. The prices at The Cracked Pearl range anywhere from $15 all the way up to around $50. The Cracked Pearl is located on Arkansas Boulevard. Their classy summer attire, like chevron sheer shirts, are a definite go-to item for a girls’ night out. Or if someone is looking for a strikingly beautiful dress, The Cracked Pearl is the place to stop and shop. If someone is looking for some fabulous clothes for a special occasion, The Cracked Pearl is a place worth stopping by and taking a look.