Role of a lifetime

Leonardo DiCaprio deserves to win first Oscar

Story by Amanda Hackleman, viewpoint editor

Everyone can feel it. As he moves across our screens, his emotions send shockwaves of feelings into our very hearts. His eyes portray the most innocent form of love, the hardest form of hatred, the deepest form of fear. His characters come to life, and stick with us in the truest way possible. His acting skills are better than most celebrities’. However, this phenomenal actor has not be graced with the highest award an actor can achieve––an Academy Award.

Although many of the greats have been passed over for the much coveted Oscar, none have deserved it as much as DiCaprio. Lovingly called Leo by his fans, the actor has desired to win an Oscar since his early days in acting.

With roles such as Arnie in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, DiCaprio has proven his outstanding acting abilities. Arnie was a mentally handicapped boy. Leo portrayed him so well that after the premiere of the movie, many thought he was actually a special needs child, when in reality, he was perfectly normal.

Leo truly made a name for himself in the movie Titanic. However, even with the 14 nominations, 11 of which were won, Leo was not even considered for an Oscar, even though his portrayal of Jack brought real tears to many viewers’ eyes and still touches audiences to this day.

DiCaprio has given blood, sweat, and tears to the Academy in an attempt to earn his Oscar. Blood being quite literal. During the filming of Django Unchained, DiCaprio cut his hand open on a broken vase. As the actor’s hand bled onto the set, the cameras kept rolling, and he remained in character. Later, stitches were required to help the wound heal. The Academy, however, passed him over once again.

If anyone has earned his place in the Academy, it is Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s a dedicated actor who has looked forward to the day he takes the stage to accept his award. However, he is still waiting. And all his fans are still waiting. Now, as the Oscars approach again, the tension is almost tangible. He has been nominated for Best Actor for his role in The Wolf of Wall Street.