Texarkana’s toppings

Orange Leaf falls into place among frozen yogurt options


Orange Leaf opened Aug. 8 on Stateline Avenue

Story by Brianna O'Shaughnessy, co-entertainment editor

Orange Leaf is the newest frozen yogurt place to hit Texarkana, located on State Line Avenue next to the new Starbucks.

The cafe offers a similar atmosphere to its competitor TCBY but with a bit more local angle. The fresh fruit toppings are all purchased from community farms and gardens.

The orange and white decor creates a bright atmosphere, and Orange Leaf sets itself apart with cool spoons.

The fun flavors, like Brownie Batter and Salted Caramel, are sure to make any frozen yogurt experience enjoyable. The flavors can also be separated by dividers.

“The best part is that they had dividers you could put in your cup so your different flavors didn’t mix all together and get yucky,” senior Ashley Tyson said. “I’d rather go there than TCBY because it’s much much cheaper, there’s more parking, and I don’t have to deal with Richmond Road to get there.”