Not another 90s movie

The Breakfast Table reinvigorates Texarkana’s breakfast community.


Photo by Kelsi Brinkmeyer

Story by Lauren Potter, staff writer

The popular mid-city eatery, The Cobbler Shoppe, transformed July 15 into The Breakfast Table, a locally-owned establishment based on family recipes.

With a mutual love for baking, Heather and Micah McBay opened the restaurant after searching for a way to support their family.

“We decided that we should open a restaurant. We were trying to think of a way to support our family,” Heather McBay said. “We thought breakfast was our favorite meal, so it must be someone else’s too.”

Walking into The Breakfast Table, I was taken over by its home-like atmosphere. Quotes about family and breakfast, of course, covered every wall and mixed with the smell of fresh, warm food and constant chattering from other customers.

At the counter, I was presented with what seemed like a million menu items someone scribbled onto a large chalkboard, which made it a little difficult to read.

The employees all seemed busy, but still polite enough to take the time to answer all my questions about their menu items. Heather does the majority of the baking, which ranges from traditional breakfast favorites such as eggs and bacon to waffles and French toast.

Upon receiving my food, I was overwhelmed with their large portions and how amazing it looked. The four large waffle squares topped with powdered sugar sat in front of me. Looking around, I saw that everyone’s plates were empty, so I had high expectations for this food.

As I ate, various employees frequently checked to see if I needed anything. The servers were unlike other restaurants. I felt as though they really did care if I needed a refill on my chocolate milk.

Without any doubt, the The Breakfast Table is a great addition to Stateline Avenue’s food venue and is a perfect place for family and friends.

The chalkboard menu is constantly being updated with new southern breakfast food. Photo by Kelsi Brinkmeyer