TV shows that never age

Tastes of entertainment take leaps over years, but some shows remain timeless

Photo from taken from original Friends TV show.

Photo from taken from original “Friends” TV show.

I’m not going to lie, life back in the day was pretty hard for a kid. No texting? No tablets? A week between episodes? The horror! But it did have its perks. Some of the funniest, most heartwarming shows in history were produced during the ‘80s, ‘90s and ‘00s. So please, change the channel off of Kim Kardashian. Close your eyes to the frenzied flesh-eating zombies. Heed the bugling call of old-fashioned fun. Here are my personal top 5 classic television shows either airing reruns or on Netflix today:

  1. “Friends”

Let this be the little ray of sunshine that transforms your miserable day. This sometimes raunchy, sometimes weepy, but always funny ‘90s staple is the embodiment of the mystical “perfect sitcom.” Featuring six friends and their various loves, losses and misadventures, Friends gives everyone who watches it the insatiable urge to drink coffee with the gang at Central Perk(!) and be best friends with the wisecracking Chandler Bing. Warning: comes with a lot of unrealistic expectations of friendship. Seriously.

  1. Gilmore Girls”

This one goes underneath “tear jerker, but in that way where the tears mingle with approving smiles because goshdarn it, they’re doing something right”. Gilmore Girls did several things right, actually. Best mother and daughter team to hit the screen? Check. Witty dialogue loaded with obscure pop culture references probably no teen today understands but still laughs at because, hello, they’re adorable? Next. Regrettable ‘00s fashion choices that offend the eye and yet you have the strange urge to don because doing so would hopefully make you look like Alexis Bledel? No question. While this is definitely a girlier drama- complete with lots of sentimental scenes and boys literally falling from the sky in droves- you can’t argue with an Emmy.

  1. “Full House”

If you never watched “Full House” as a kid, please sit down and do so now. It’s innocent, it’s cute (cue Olsen twins and scrunchies), and it’s enough to soften anyone’s crabby heart. The premise of this ‘80s hit is a widowed father who calls on his brother-in-law and best friend to help care for his three daughters. Mushy moments and life lessons abound in this heartwarmer, and its simplicity and naivety make it an easy show to fall in love with when “16 and Pregnant” just isn’t cutting it anymore.

  1. “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

Will Smith’s path to Hollywood was cleared in this popular ‘90s sitcom. He definitely shines as the fast-talking teenager from the streets who gets sent to live with his wealthy relatives, the Banks. Smith’s comedic and acting ability make the show good, while the quick dialogue and the portrayal of prevalent social issues keep it entertaining. Personally, I watched it for Geoffrey the butler.

  1. “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch”

Everyone who has ever wanted to turn the most popular girl in school into a tropical fruit, say “aye.” Even though to all appearances Sabrina Spellman is totally normal, she actually has the ability to perform magic of all kinds which, naturally, leads to some awkward moments. Through it all, Sabrina stays lovably loopy and the show is always lighthearted. It’s an easy watch, and Salem the sassy black witch/cat makes it completely worth it.