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13 things you should do besides watch '13 Reasons Why'

13 things you should do besides watch ’13 Reasons Why’

August 23, 2019

“13 Reasons Why”, a critically acclaimed Netflix original series, has been working effortlessly over the past two and a half years to glorify suicide, sexual assault and teenage substance abuse. As the time comes for its third season to begin streaming, here is a quick list of 13 things you should do...

Illustration by Margaret Debenport

Survivors on the small screen

November 13, 2018

One year ago, the #MeToo movement began. Scores of women, and even a few men, spoke about the sexual assault they have encountered behind and in front of the cameras. With the public condemnation of the film industry’s abusers, there has been a reckoning like no other. The floodgates of women’s em...

Graphic by Victoria Van

A media state of mind

March 16, 2018

As society seems to progress, media begins to consume our spare time. Media ranges anywhere from music to TV to the apps on our phones. Since its debut in 1954, television has had one of the biggest influences on the world, with an average American viewership of 4.5 hours each day. As many companies hav...

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‘Good Doctor’ is contagious

January 3, 2018

“The Good Doctor” first aired on Sept. 25, 2017 with millions of viewers watching on ABC network. The show’s protagonist, Shaun Murphy, copes with his autism in his workplace at the St. Bonaventure Hospital. The events that unfurl show the viewers the emotions Murphy processes throughout the seri...

The obsession with TV shows

The obsession with TV shows

November 20, 2017

Your eyes are glued to a screen for hours. Laughing, crying and as every hour passed by, you told yourself just one more episode. You’re attached. There’s no doubt that the majority of the human race is addicted to at least one TV show, whether it be on cable, Netflix, Hulu or a DVD pack of all seaso...

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The towns that dreaded sundown

November 6, 2017

If you’re from Texarkana, you know about the violent attacks the Phantom Killer carried out between Feb. 22 and May 3, 1946. The panic the town found itself in was long lasting, and the stories still haunt residents today. However, the possibility of people from other parts of the country mentioning...

Dirty politics

Dirty politics

March 17, 2016

Politics have always been revered in America as dirty and scandalous. However, as factual evidence is brought to light, politics is never the whole truth. Netflix’s rendition of Washington, D.C. has prospered a riveting series. The Netflix original series, House of Cards highlights just what Washington...

Who needs cable anymore?

Who needs cable anymore?

January 28, 2016

After enduring a long day of school and finishing all of my homework, I find myself with extra time on my hands. I could either try to catch a random episode on TV or watch the episode that I missed on Hulu. If you’re like me, watching the newest episode of a show on TV was a part of your childhood...

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TV shows that never age

February 16, 2015

I’m not going to lie, life back in the day was pretty hard for a kid. No texting? No tablets? A week between episodes? The horror! But it did have its perks. Some of the funniest, most heartwarming shows in history were produced during the ‘80s, ‘90s and ‘00s. So please, change the channel...

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‘The Walking Dead’ lives on

February 9, 2015

It’s been months. Some people have begun going through severe withdrawals, while others huddle under their covers, staring at the AMC logo at the bottom corner of their television screen. They’re all waiting on the new season of The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead is an AMC original series, whose...

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Seahawks predicted to win Super Bowl XLIX

January 28, 2015

Every year this Sunday is reserved as an even more sacred Sunday because of one game, the Super Bowl. Families and friends gather around to watch the most watched game on Television. This matchup pits two NFL teams against each other to decide the ultimate victor and all eyes are focused on what the outcome is. Some students go to ...

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