Asking Alice

Anonymous diary novels provide a new perspective into teenagers’ lives.

Story by Bethany Dowd, staff writer

“Go Ask Alice” is the first in a series of many anonymous diary novels. In these novels, you can read a teenager’s diary. Most people think that is such a huge invasion of privacy, but this isn’t an average diary. These diaries are some of the most controversial teen novels that our generation has seen in a long time.
When you first open up the books, you probably won’t even be able to understand why it’s a book. It’s just some teenager’s normal life. Right? Wrong.

In “Go Ask Alice,” something is about to make her life spiral out of control. Something so powerful that it washes away all rational thought and replaces it with sheer want. Drugs are about to make everything she values go to Hades.

It started out as an accident; someone slipped some LSD into her cup at a party. It could have happened to anyone. It could have happened to you.

Just like any responsible teenager, she vows to never do it again, but addiction cannot be trumped that easily.

The next novel in the series, “Letting Ana Go,” an aspiring athlete destroys her body in order to be thinner. The novel starts in an ideal setting, a girl with a nice family and a bright future.That is until her family splits and her grip on her stable life slips from her hands. She begins to control her life the only way she can think how–by starving herself. Her body seems to be the only thing she has control of–she can control her calorie intake, she can control her exercise time, but ironically, it seems she can’t control herself.

“The Book of David” is the third novel in the anonymous diaries series. In this novel, a boy struggles with a secret. In the conservative southern town he lives in and the role of the star football player he plays, he could never let this secret get out. Unfortunately, nothing stays secret forever. Follow him as the people he was closest to turn on him and everything he knows and has built a foundation with will come tumbling down.

A cloud looms over his head every day, suffocating his rational thoughts and pushing him to the edge. In “Jay’s Journal,” a guy allows his severe depression to lead him into a more dangerous world than he can imagine. The danger gives him a purpose, the eye in the middle of a tornado. When he commits himself to these insane acts of passion, he can see through the fog of his everyday life. Yet the question still remains, what lengths will he go to in order to keep that clarity?

These stories are beyond eye opening, and definitely worth the read. While the content has been labeled as controversial, don’t be fooled. These teens problems mirror the issues many people have to face everyday. Who knows, they may even mirror your problems and give you some perspective on your own lifestyle.