Digital help for any resolution


Graphic by Anna Cannon

Story by Katie Biggar, entertainment editor

It’s that time of the year again, when we rediscover our old workout regimens in hopes that this time we can conquer our New Year’s resolutions for longer than a couple of weeks. Maybe you have decided to improve your health by restricting your diet to whole foods, or maybe your resolution involves spending less and saving more. Whatever your resolution may be, in a matter of time you may lose interest because of your lack of motivation. Without something readily available for you to help maintain your goals, the thought of moving forward is unappealing. Luckily, apps linked to smartphones have come up with handy and unique ways to help keep you on the long lasting track in regards to your resolutions.

Resolution: Eat Clean

With every intention of going into the market and picking out healthy snacks and meals, one’s vision is often blurred with the array of chips and half-off Christmas cookies lining the aisle. Before you put a food item into your cart, scan it with Shopwell, the free app that detects if your pick is up to par on the “healthy” scale. The app also lets you know if the item you scanned includes common food allergy ingredients, such as gluten, peanuts, soy, etc. It’s a great way to stay aware of what you’re putting into your body, and is a helpful tool to stay true to your fitness goals.

Resolution: Shape Up

Although we all want to tone up before spring rolls around, it’s not always ideal to hit the gym during our few minutes of freedom (which tend to only be the weekends). For more motivation to spend those moments working out, try Pact. Whereas, most apps don’t provide you with actual rewards, Pact allows you to earn cash for keeping your goals, paid by the members who don’t keep up with their resolutions. Week-to-week goal meeting doesn’t only keep you looking and feeling good; it can keep your bank account full as well.

Resolution: Space Your Spending

As the holidays come to a close and items that never got checked off your Christmas list have made their way to the sale rack, it’s not too hard to lose sight of your budget. With the app Level Money, the days of overspending are gone. This app syncs to your bank account to track your necessary daily and monthly spendings, while regulating how much you can spend a day to put enough money to the side to save up. The app features push notifications, alerting you when you need to hold off on swiping the card for the day and when you’re right on track.

Resolution: Be a Bookworm

Being “too busy” to sit down and finish that book on you dresser is a thing of the past. With the 99 cent app Bookling you can record what print books you’ve finished and see your progress overtime. The app has helpful features, such as setting alarms that will remind you to read daily or weekly. You have the capability to make a yearly goal and track your personal growth. It will no longer be a challenge to find time to read–Bookling will find it for you.

Resolution: Do More Good

The giving season doesn’t have to end when the holidays do. Instead of feeling bad for causes, be the change and make a difference in them. The app One Today gives you the opportunity to donate money to different charities regularly. By also improving your mental health, this app is a great way to inspire yourself and others and pass on the good feelings. Gaining knowledge of different situations going on around the world makes people more willing to donate their condolences and works as a personal pick-me-up as well.