April Fools antics

Fun pranks to pull on your friends and family


Get slimed with a recipe for a grody green goop. Guests can take it home in their goodie bags. Photo by Ronnie Andren

Story by Eleanor Schroeder, news editor

April Fools Day. The day of lost trust. It’s 24 hours of practical jokes and utmost expanded creativity. For those unable to use that side of their minds, here are 7 hoaxes that will insure your reputation as class clown of the day and be a gullible person’s worst nightmare. Although the date falls on a weekend this year, there is nothing wrong with continuing the sneaky tactics into next week.

1. Classic moving story- If you do not want your fool to require any props, simply sincerely announce to your closest friends that you are transferring schools or leaving town. Wait until after your friends are brought to tears mourning about your leaving. Be sure if you chose this trick that you can conceal your smile.

2. Toothpaste in Oreos prank-Replace the creamy filling of the adored cookies with some minty Crest to ensure a surprise for your victims.

3. Furniture Fiasco– Reorganize your favorite teacher’s classroom by moving the desks to a strange formation to ensure shock when the class begins.

4. Weird Costume- Sport any weird clothing or accessories you have from a previous spirit day or Halloween.

5. Saran Wrap Surprise- Cover your victim’s belongings with the wrap to ensure annoyance, but also a laugh, and watch them struggle to take it off.

6. Jump Scares– This joke is a classic no fail prank. After your friend passes through their initial shock, the will be sure to commend your antics.

7. Whoopie Cushion– Pick your target, then you know what to do.