Ideas for cute and cheap school supplies

Back-to-school shopping made worth it

Story by Victoria Van, entertainment editor

School supply shopping is either the bane of our existence or a time for stationery lovers to sprint and rejoice in glee toward that really nice floral pencil case you gazed over at Target. Most of these supplies I personally have in my arsenal and still use today: all under 15 dollars.

They will help you sort out your soon-to-be stressed life but some are simply for the sake of cuteness and there’s no arguing with an eraser that’s shaped like a baby giraffe. On another note, some of the products can be found cheaper if you do your research and hunt down coupons for the best price.

The inevitable risk and weight of your scissors makes it undesired to keep in your pencil bag. It’s useless. I’ll just swipe one from the kid next to me. But, there’s a pair with a floral design, cute cover and efficient size?? Under 15 dollars?? Sign me up. They’ll fit nicely in your pencil bag or the odd pocket you never quite know what to put in.

If pens were angels, Papermate Flairs would be the divine being with pretty wings soaring through the clouds spreading joy and love to the world. They have a comfortable grip, beautiful pigment and especially DO NOT bleed through the page. Ask any avid note taker or even teacher and they’ll recommend you these beauties.

  • Animal Pencil Case on Amazon

Pencil cases are essential to carry all your precious pencils, pens and miscellaneous items. Choose from a variety of animal designs such as a goat, penguin, zebra, elephant or lion for less than 11 dollars.

  • Revolving Desk Organizer at Target

This desk organizer is essential for your at home study to be productive and avoid having to reach into the depths of who-knows-what to get a pencil from your bag. Plus it’s really fun to spin around just for the sake of maintaining the sanity needed to finish that 5 page essay for English.

Erasers seem like an afterthought once you’ve been accustomed to using the stubborn, ugly ones that come attached to the butt of your mechanical pencil but look no further: the magic power of these erasers will erase nearly every mistake your pencil manifests in seconds.

Here’s a useful device which you’ll only use first week of school and then give up on being a collected, organized individual but at least the aesthetic appeal is enough to stare at in absolute awe. A flamingo chilling in some aqua sprinkles gives you post-summer vibes.

  • Mini Supply Kit on Yoobi

Anything miniature and cheap is reason enough to buy and Yoobi’s mini supply kit is molded for on the go necessities such as a stapler, stapler remover, hole punch, tape, scissors and a pencil sharpener for under five bucks? Man, that’s a steal. Your teachers will even be jealous.

  • Owl Page Markers on Etsy

Bookmarks can be chunky and plain tabs seem boring but if you have an adorable owl peeking out of chapter 12, you’ll never forget it. There’s 10 different owls and are great for any little annotations you need to write down without ruining your library book.

  • Novelty Erasers on Yoobi

These 3D erasers satisfy your hunger of unicorn envy and ice cream cravings. An entire 6 pack for less than three dollars. Place them next to you while you study and you’ll drift into a happier mood with a baby giraffe next to you.

Last but not least: tissues. Tears are inevitable. You will cry; at least twice during mid terms. And that’s OK because you’ll be carrying a box of tissues everywhere so you don’t wipe your tears on the front of your AP U.S. History book.