iPhone’s journey through the decade

Story by Savannah Downs, staff writer

Ten years ago, on June 29, 2007, Apple Industries launched the first iPhone.

Before this day, we had Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Palm, to name a few. However, these did not have virtual keyboards. We had no selfies, we got lost, and we didn’t always know that song on the radio. So basically everything you do now, we didn’t have before the age of the iPhone.

The applications the original phone contained consisted of innovations we had never seen before. Apps like Safari, Google Maps, Music and Email affected the way we live our daily lives by helping us achieve some simple functions like finding the address of a business, keeping up with the news and staying in contact with your loved ones. The product soon became a must-have because of its incredible new features and what you could do with them.

The keyboard interface was astonishing compared to the current technology because of its multi touch compatibility. Going crazy over the ability to type on a screen seems so foolish now, but back then, it was everything. Being able to text your friends while listening to music and searching whatever you wanted on the World Wide Web was the teenage dream in 2007.

Many changes have come to the iPhone since its release. For example, the original iPhone had no front camera, was thick and the power button was on top. Now, we can take as many selfies as we want, can fit it in our pocket without seeing a little rectangle, have a power button on the right side of the phone and recently lost the headphone jack.  

The iPhone also gradually grew in size over the years and received a fingerprint reader, a better camera and faster data speeds. “Well, Apple continues to make the phones thinner while maintaining and improving the components.” senior Internet Guru Richard Bittorf said. “All of what is implemented into today’s iPhones was not heard of when the first one was released to the public.”

Not only did this technology start a race with other mobile phone industries but the sensational device also created a revolution for its users and how they utilize their smart phones. From new innovations like Safari and the App Store we received Youtube, social media and music platforms. These apps have eased stress for students by helping us understand that hard algebra problem, or assisting us when trying to study for a test, like Quizlet.

Since 2007, 15 models of Apple’s iPhone have been released, not including the upcoming iPhone 8, which is planned to be released this fall. The new iPhone 8 is supposed to be the biggest and most improved iPhone ever. With its slim design, rotated camera, and eliminated home button, the iPhone 8 is sure to grab the attention of Apple fanatics. Meanwhile the new iOS 11 update is bringing us a new Files app, a dock, multitasking abilities, augmented reality, an updated Siri that knows your taste in music and many more functions this fall.

Over the course of 10 years, the iPhone has changed a lot. From being crazy about the newest addition, to wanting Youtube to stop buffering, Apple will never stop to meet society’s needs. The iPhone has definitely received many changes, and has influenced technology companies to create smarter, faster and more dynamic phones, and is surely one of the greatest inventions the 21st century has to offer.