Labor Day for dummies

Story by Alexis Runnels, staff writer

With the newfound waves of homework and the hours of studying that come with it, students don’t typically feel like doing anything but catching up on lost sleep on Labor Day. However, contrary to popular belief, there are fun things to do with family and friends here in Texarkana that would serve as great ideas to execute this holiday.


  • Bringle Park offers a hiking trail that can take anywhere from three hours up to half of your day. Making lunches to take and dressing fittingly for Texas heat would make for a yummy picnic with a spectacular view of Bringle Lake.


  • Texarkana recently got a new indoor trampoline park called “iJump,” located in the Texarkana Pavilion which just so happens to be near Coldstone Creamery. This coincidence could supply a fun time of trampoline activities such as dodge ball, wall climbing and good old fashioned jumping. Tasty ice cream can cool down you and your loved ones afterward.


  • For outdoor activities that don’t involve an abundance of nature, the Texarkana Fun Country Park offers excitement for all ages. You can get competitive with your friends on a go-kart race track or race them to the top of a huge climbing wall to ring the bell signaling your victory. If you’re not wanting to do anything that thrilling, you could play mini-golf. The park offers a large course with animal statues perfect for taking selfies with to show everyone how much you’re enjoying the holiday.


  • If you’re looking forward to getting wet this Labor Day, there are local options for that as well. Holiday Springs water park is a good way to have fun and keep cool in the summer, with a variety of water-packed options and food available. On this trip to the waterpark, it could last all day if desired.


  • For those that prefer staying home but still want to cause a splash, a poolside cookout with classic summer foods is the perfect idea. You could even rent a water slide for the day from Bounce-A-Lot if you don’t own a pool or just want added fun. Holidays don’t have to be boring, especially not with all the options our town offers.


For those that don’t have the option to go do some of the activities mentioned, as long as you spend your day with family and friends and enjoy yourself, that is all that matters.