Break your boredom over Thanksgiving holiday


Illustration by Victoria Van

Story by Autumn Golden, staff writer

Five days off of school is a huge luxury, but wasting the break doing nothing would leave you miserable. Don’t get stuck in the blues this Thanksgiving break, take this quiz to find out what you should do with your week of peace and freedom.

  1. What is the best part about Thanksgiving?
    1. Getting a week off from school
    2. Being able to work more hours
    3. The food
    4. Older siblings coming back from college
  1. My favorite holiday is___
    1. Fourth of July
    2. Halloween
    3. Thanksgiving
    4. Christmas
  1. What is an essential fall activity?
    1. Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
    2. Carving pumpkins
    3. Getting Pumpkin Spice flavored everything
    4. Playing in the leaves
  1. My typical fall outfit is___
    1. Whatever I can find first in my closet
    2. Jeans and a pullover
    3. Long sleeves and leggings
    4. A sweater with a collared shirt underneath, nice pants and boots
  1. Which song do you like the best?
    1. “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots
    2. “Bank Account” by 21 Savage
    3. “Cake By The Ocean” by DNCE
    4. “Keep The Family Close” by Drake
  1. After school you___
    1. Do hours of homework
    2. Go to work
    3. Grab a quick bite to eat
    4. Help your parents with chores
  1. On a weekend you are usually__
    1. Studying or doing a project
    2. Shopping
    3. Eating with friends
    4. Going on a road trip
  1. One thing you WANT to do over the break is ___
    1. Watch the second season of Stranger Things
    2. Get my friends Christmas gifts
    3. Try a new restaurant
    4. Go out of town
  1. How do you feel about preparing for Christmas in November?
    1. It’s way too early
    2. I love decorating and getting new ornaments
    3. I just want to know whose house we’re going to for dinner
    4. I’ve been planning for Christmas since Dec. 26

Mostly A’s- Relax. You deserve to watch three seasons of your favorite show on Netflix in your PJ’s. Watch Once Upon a Time, Stranger Things, or The Office

Mostly B’s- Go Black Friday shopping. Grab a group of friends and scour your favorite stores at the mall for great deals and compete to see who can save the most money.

Mostly C’s- Help cook. If all you like to do over Thanksgiving break is to eat, you should at least know how to make your favorite food. Jump in the kitchen and ask whoever is cooking to teach you how to make a new dish.

Mostly Ds- Spend time with family. A whole week of lounging around can get boring after a while, so hang out with your younger cousins. Play board games, or even a quick game of soccer outside. They’ll really appreciate being with you.